Find out what Trump’s travel ban means for your immigration status.

Use our Travel Ban Advisor App to get an assessment right now about the effect of the Trump administration's "travel ban" on your plans for immigrating to the United States.

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Get a travel ban assessment.

In collaboration with, Siskind Susser P.C. has developed an assessment tool that will allow you to determine whether you are subject to the travel ban and what restrictions might apply to your specific circumstance.

Step 1

Create an Account.

Create a username and password. Afterwards, you will be directed to the portal home screen.

Step 2

Run the Assessment, Get a Report.

Once inside the portal, run the Travel Ban App and answer the selection of questions to to receive a report as a Word Doc. Save your login information to use the assessment tool at any point in the future. Our team will continue to add additional assessments and tools as part of the pro bono offerings.

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